A New Butterfly for Delaware County

Today I started my morning birding at the Riverview Cemetery in Hancock. I had an enjoyable time there recording such species as Cape May Warbler (3), Black-throated Green Warbler (2), Warbling Vireo and Brown Thrasher among the more common species. After I was done there, I wasn’t sure where, or what, I really wanted to do next. I ended up deciding to go back to the Downsville Central School soccer field and the adjacent Fireman’s Park fields to see what butterflies I could find.

I arrived there a little after 11:30 and after almost three hours of butterflying there I found 14 species. Meadow Fritillaries were everywhere. I counted 41 but there were surely many more present. I also had Black Swallowtail (1), American Copper (5), Bronze Copper (1), Monarch (4), Pearl Cresent among others. The highlight, however, was a species I was actually looking for there but never really expected to find…Fiery Skipper! Not only did I find one, but before I was done with Renee Davis who came to see them as well, at least seven were present. To my knowledge this is a 1st record of this species for Delaware County. A few pictures of this handsome butterfly are as follows:

Fiery Skipper on Goldenrod
A Different Individual
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